In honor of the 100 years passing since the death of Anton Wilhelm Christian or William Kuhlmann, the Boerne Area Historical Society will open the doors of the Kuhlmann-King House and Kitchen on Historic Hill in Boerne, TX, for a look inside the life of early pioneers in Texas on February 10, 2018 from 12 noon to 3:00. Admission is free, and BAHPS accepts donations to help sustain the preservation of Historic Hill.

William Kuhlmann, born in Bremen, Germany, on July 2, 1856, came to the United States to make a life for himself and his beloved wife, Marie, in a new, frontier community. He built a home in 1885 so that he and Marie could start their life together and raise a family. In December of 1896, Marie died in childbirth as did her infant. Mr. Kuhlmann never recovered from the loss and in 1908, he sold the house to Selina Long King, who hailed from England. Subsequently, he died on December 18, 1918.

Mr. Kuhlmann is buried along with his wife and her infant in the Boerne Cemetery. The rubblestone, two-story structure with a wide upstairs veranda exists today much as it did then. The interior is adorned with period furnishings provided by the Boerne Area Historical Preservation Society that are reminiscent to what was in the house then. A new addition is the recently acquired rare photo of William and Marie Kuhlmann, graciously donated to the BAHPS by Mrs. Jean Sutherland, the widow of John Henry Sutherland, the great-nephew of William Kuhlmann. The Sutherlands have four sons, two of whom accompanied their mother to the Kuhlmann-King house on January 13, 2018, to present the photo to the BAHPS. BAHPS is a registered non-profit 501c, with 100% of all donations going to the preservation of historical significance in Boerne.


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