This past November, Delores Holman, a beautiful and talented member of BAHPS, took a road trip to visit her school classmate from years before in Boerne, Ikey Peter and her husband, Edward in Fredericksburg, TX. While there, Delores shared a copy of “Boerne, the History of Our Town”, one of BAHPS’ signature publications. A couple of days after the visit, Delores received a lovely note from Ikey stating, “I was delighted to see my Opa Harz in his workshop, page 48”. She went on to say she had not seen that photo ever before. She explained her grandfather, Adolph Harz, was a wheelwright and loved working in woods. He had his own shop in downtown Boerne near the turn of the century. Ironically, his work was what caused his death. He had suffered a splinter in his hand and removed it with his pocketknife. Unfortunately, he developed blood poisoning. Doctors amputated first his hand, then his arm in an attempt to save his life. But eventually, the blood poisoning took his life at the age of 52. He left behind a widow, Ida Phillip Harz, who was only 42 years old at the time, but went on to live for another 52 years, never remarrying. Ikey’s parents were Herbert and Edna Harz. The photo she found her grandfather in was one of him in his shop with some other workmen.


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