The City of Boerne has declared November 10, 2018, as Bettie Edmonds History Day. The announcement was made at the regular Tuesday, October 23 meeting of the Boerne City Council. The day features a self-guided tour of ten buildings that Bettie Edmonds sketched. Col. Bettie Edmonds has made extensive contributions to the community including: securing the donation of the BAHPS historical archives to the City of Boerne, recording the history of Boerne, mapping the buildings of the downtown area, drawing in pen and ink renderings of the historic buildings and locations in the city, and helping to preserve a rare 1614 Low German Bible housed in the Patrick Heath Library in Boerne. Col. Edmonds was in attendance for the announcement in which the audience gave her a standing ovation.

Here is the Proclamation made by Mayor Schultz:

WHEREAS, Colonel Bettie Edmonds’ faithful and consistent commitment to the historic preservation of Boerne has been an asset to our community; and
WHEREAS, she has devoted nearly three decades to sketching in pen and ink literally hundreds of Kendall County’s historic buildings, which led her to be actively involved in the thorough research needed for buildings to attain designation as Texas Historical Markers and for the historic Kendall County Courthouse and the Dienger Building to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places; and
WHEREAS, Colonel Edmonds played a pivotal role in the donation of the Boerne Area Historical Preservation Society’s historical archives to the City of Boerne and for many years painstakingly maintained the archives, chronicling and cataloging the history of Boerne as well as assisting with research and documentation regarding the City of Boerne’s landmark Supreme Court case City of Boerne v Flores; and
WHEREAS, she spearheaded and organized the research into the history and significance of Boerne’s rare 1614 Low German Bible and then arranged for it to be repaired and rebound — a process which was accomplished through the dedication of Bettie and a committed team of researchers and specialists; and
WHEREAS, through authoring several works, including: “Along Country Roads” Volumes I and II and “Journey to Boerne”, a concise early immigration history pamphlet of Boerne, Colonel Edmonds has shared her talents and the rich history of our community with others; and
WHEREAS, we wish to extend our sincere thanks for the many volunteer hours that Colonel Edmonds has contributed to the community.
NOW, THEREFORE, I, Michael D. Schultz, Mayor of the City of Boerne, Texas, do hereby, in recognition of Colonel Bettie Edmonds, declare November 10, 2018, to be Colonel Bettie Edmonds History Day
in Boerne, Texas, and do hereby urge all the citizens of our community to help continue Bettie’s important historic preservation work.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the City of Boerne, to be affixed this the 23rd day of October 2018.
Michael D. Schultz, Mayor
City of Boerne, Texas


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