On August 10, 2018, the Boerne area lost a loyal and dear honorary member of The Boerne Area Historical Preservation Society. Thomas (Tom) Clayborne Frost passed away at the age of 90. Born in San Antonio on October 29, 1927, to Thomas Clayborne Frost and Ilse Herff Frost, Tom was the president and CEO of Frost Bank, carrying on a tradition from the three generations before him. Though he lived mostly in San Antonio, Tom and his wife of 67 years, Patricia, enjoyed their time in Boerne on his family ranch, the family’s homestead that traced back to 1851 when the ranch belonged to Dr. Ferdinand Herff. He was known to drive across his ranchland to check on the turkey feeders on weekends. Though his imprint is everlasting on San Antonio in banking, education, medicine, and civic growth, we will remember him also for the kindness and devotion he showed all of us locally. His philanthropic support has helped to create the Cibolo Nature Center and Herff Farms that so many of us enjoy today. We at BAHPS are beholden to Tom Frost for his generosity and engagement. His vision brought the Henry J. Graham Building back to Boerne where it sits today on Historic Hill next to the Kuhlmann-King House and the Pioneer Kitchen. The Boerne Area Historical Preservation Society is indebted to Mr. and Mrs. Tom Frost for their continuing preservation of the roots of our community.He leaves a legacy of good works, his wife Patricia Frost, four sons, thirteen grandchildren, two great grandchildren, and nieces and nephews.


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