On April 5, 2018, an article written by Richard Tomlinson appeared in “The Hill Country Weekly” titled, “Who Was the First Sheriff of Kendall County?” Louise Davis, a board member and treasurer of BAHPS has come forward to say that John W. Sansom, the first sheriff as identified in the article, is in fact an early grandfather of her husband, Allen Davis.

John Sansom was famous as a past Texas Ranger and an Indian fighter. Mr. Sansom was sworn in as the first sheriff of Kendall County on March 4, 1862, having been selected by appointment, as there wasn’t a general election held as yet. He served in office for only a few months in his interim post until the first general election in August, 1862, when the second sheriff, Richard Brotze was elected to office.

Sansom’s opposition to the secession of Texas from the Union eventually led him to Mexico and then, New Orleans.

In New Orleans, he advanced to being a captain in the First Texas Cavalry (Union.) After the war, he returned to Texas and ranching. As an outspoken man with strong convictions, he is a noteworthy past sheriff.


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