BAHPS has an exciting new educational outreach program and it is already in full swing! School tours of the Kuhlmann King House dropped off last year, and a new way of teaching our local third graders Boerne history had to be found. Member Julie Gossell, retired school teacher, created four Boerne history boxes that our docents take in to the schools! If they don’t come to us, we will go to them! Each box contains a 30 minute lesson with hands on activities, artifacts, visuals, and fun to boot! These boxes are meant to supplement and enrich the Boerne unit taught in third grade. Box topics are George Wilkins Kendall, German Culture in Boerne, Boerne Ghost Stories, and The Wonderful Topperweins. Some of the student activities include: play a pony express game, feel merino wool, sing with the Gesanverein, dance with The Boerne Village Band, sit in the dark with flashlights listening to ghost tales, and create a sketch, not with bullet holes, but with a hole punch. The outreach has generated new enthusiasm in teaching Boerne history in the third grade social studies curriculum and two schools have already committed to Kuhlmann-King House field trip tours at this writing. We hope for 100% participation from the seven BISD elementary schools.
Topics for additional boxes are already being considered. We hope that this program will continue to grow and become a valuable asset in the Boerne schools.
If you would like to be a part of our educational outreach, please contact Julie Gossell, 210-275-8301.
An example of the George Kendall box.

Comments welcome.

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