The Boerne Area Historical Preservation Society engages in and encourages the preservation of the natural beauty of the community and of historical buildings, objects and places. The society aims to keep the story of the Boerne area and its rich historical and inherited values alive for future generations.

2020 Board of Directors

President Peggy Cuny
Vice-President Martha Hawkins
Treasurer Sue Martin
Secretary Mary Ann Ward
Directors at Large
Dolores Holman Lawrence Cuny
John Wayne Uecker Jonnie Jo Wright
Appointed Officers
Special Advisor Louise Davis
Historical Complex Director Julie Gossell
Archivist Martha Hawkins
Parliamentarian John Wayne Uecker
Telephone Dolores Holman
Appointed Committee Chairpersons
Accessions/Displays Paula McGehee
Historic Homes Tour N/A
Social Dolores Holman
Jonnie Jo Wright
Yearbook Open
Scrapbook Sue Martin