Message From the Board

To better respond to inquiries about visiting Historic Hill and general questions about BAHPS, we have a new cell phone (830) 428-6918. Those who call the Boerne Visitor Center will be directed to our cell phone. And of course, we also offer contact by email at and through this web site.

Educational Outreach

BAHPS has an exciting new educational outreach program and it is already in full swing! School tours of the Kuhlmann King House dropped off last year, and a new way of teaching our local third graders Boerne history had to be found. Member Julie Gossell, retired school teacher, created four Boerne history boxes that our … Continue reading Educational Outreach

Return Your Ballot By Mail!

If you are a member of BAHPS, you are in receipt of the ballot of officers for 2020. Please vote and return your ballot in a timely manner. New officers will be announced at the November 12 meeting. Voting Begins Oct. 21 for your new Board President            Peggy Cuny Vice-President    Martha Hawkins Treasurer  … Continue reading Return Your Ballot By Mail!