The Mountain Laurel newsletter is back in print after a brief respite. It has a new nickname, Rundschreiben, a German word meaning a letter that circulates.

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  • Tour the Kuhlmann-King Complex - The Historic Hill Complex featuring the Kuhlmann-King House, the Kitchen, and the Henry Graham Building are open for public tours each second Saturday of the month from March through November.
  • Your BAHPS Board Members - The Board President            Peggy Cuny Vice-President    Martha Hawkins Treasurer           Louise Davis Secretary            Mary Ann Ward Directors At Large   Larry Cuny, Dolores Holman, John Wayne Uecker, Jonnie Jo Wright
  • Boerne Bygones: John W. Sansom - On April 5, 2018, an article written by Richard Tomlinson appeared in “The Hill Country Weekly” titled, “Who Was the First Sheriff of Kendall County?” Louise Davis, a board member and treasurer of BAHPS has come forward to say that John W. Sansom, the first sheriff as identified in the article, is in fact an … Continue reading Boerne Bygones: John W. Sansom
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